2011 FAMILY REUNION - Memories in Pictures
The Whole Gang behind Shelter House
(Generally left- to-right, front-to-back)
Bob, Sharon, Theresa, Ryan, Kathy, Eric, Leslie, Jerry, Kurt, Phillip, Kathy, Alan,Nathan, Grady, Don, Adam, Brian, Chris, Andrew, Brenna, Caitlyn, Ken, Camryn, Reid, Parker, Vince, Peg, Wendy, Joyce, Laura, Dan, Michelle (Jordyn - Napping !)
Our "Elders"...Don, Bob, Jerry (Just how does a Great-Grandfather keep his hair so dark???
The "Over-50" Crowd (Most of them anyway) ...
Don, Joyce, Bob, Sharon, Peg, Leslie, Jerry
Renewing friendships ... Brian, Kathy, and others
Inside & Outside the Shelter House ... Very Nice Location selected by Don!